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'The bravest Canadian': Video shows woman chasing flock of Canada geese off major Vancouver road

The wild goose chase was a Canada Day miracle of sorts
The daring woman chased more than a dozen Canada geese from the highway in Vancouver leading to Stanley Park and Lions Gate Bridge.

It appears Vancouver saw a Canada Day miracle this year.

Traffic was backed up on West Georgia Street (also known as Highway 99) on July 1 for an unusual reason: geese.

A flock of Canada geese decided to cross the street near the intersection with Denman Street, an area often blocked up with traffic as vehicles arrive from North Vancouver via the Lions Gate Bridge.

Seeing the bird barrier, one woman chased the aptly nicknamed cobra chickens to send them back onto the sidewalk and out of traffic.

"Working late getting Canada geese to cross the road on Canada day," wrote Courtney Muller in her TikTok post of the wild goose chase.

Luckily, she was able to encourage the birds to one side of the road without incident as the geese ran across the road as fast as they could, seemingly uninterested in flying.

@mullercourtney working late getting canada geese to cross the road on canada day #fyp #goose ♬ espresso sabrina - celebs media

Muller has garnered much praise for her bird herding.

"The bravest Canadian," commented Lena Tonks on the video.

"I almost got attacked by a cobra chicken, never again. You’re so brave," said another.

"Miss ma'am just casually corralling the most terrifying Canadian wildlife… The nation thanks you for your service," wrote another viewer.

Oddly, cracker brands seemed to have taken an interest in the interaction as well.

"A queen doing queen things," wrote the verified Ritz Crackers account.

"Canada you're wild for that," added the official Triscuit TikTok.

It's not the only bird video from Vancouver recently. While in Vancouver, rapper Warren G had a confrontation with a seagull.