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Vancouver weather: How long will the heat warning continue?

The soaring temperatures are especially dangerous for young children and elderly people.

The seven-day Vancouver weather forecast includes sizzling temperatures over several days this week.

Starting Monday, July 8, V.I.A.'s Yaletown Weatherhood station shows a mix of sun and cloud with a high of 31 C and a low of 19 C. Similar temperatures are expected to continue through Tuesday, with a high of 30 C and a low of 19 C expected (see slide two).

Temperatures are expected to drop slightly by Wednesday, falling to a high of 27 C. However, overnight temperatures should remain elevated, with a low of 19 C expected.

Environment Canada issued a heat warning for Metro Vancouver, noting the elevated temperatures should continue through at least Tuesday but possibly Wednesday night.

Temperatures must soar many degrees above seasonal averages and not cool off at night to meet heat wave criteria. Elevated overnight lows don't offer a cool respite for people to sleep.

Vancouver forecast includes heat warning

The soaring temperatures are especially dangerous for young children and elderly people and can cause heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke and heat rash.

The City of Vancouver advises locals to stay hydrated, seek shade and take advantage of misting stations. The city also has over 200 permanent fountains and adds additional temporary ones during the summer.

By Thursday, temperatures will be lower in Vancouver. For example, the Yaletown area could see temperatures drop to a high of 23 C with a low of 16 C, according to Weatherhood. Similarly, the Dunbar community will peak at 31 C on Tuesday then drop to a forecasted high of 24 C on Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to start climbing up again heading into next weekend, with a high of 25 C expected Friday.

Saturday and Sunday are expected to see highs in the mid-to late-20s, with overnight lows in the mid-teens.

Vancouver has current information on places to stay cool on its hot weather page.

A "warm bias" is expected for the Lower Mainland and the rest of B.C. through July.

Stay up-to-date with hyperlocal forecasts across 50 neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland with V.I.A.'s Weatherhood.